February 17, 2010

Utah's Haunted Mansion: McCune Mansion

Every place has its old haunted mansion. Utah's haunted mansion is a place called McCune Mansion, located in downtown Salt Lake City. The mansion is not one of those scary, falling apart type places often shown in older movies. Instead, McCune Mansion is breathtakingly beautiful both inside and out. I have talked to many people about the mansion, and so many of them have noticed McCune for its beauty just from driving by. It is surprising to me, though, how many of these people don't know it's haunted.

One of the first Examiner articles I wrote was on McCune Mansion - you can read it here. When I started doing the paranormal column I knew I had to do a piece on McCune. I went there once when I was younger and something about the place felt off, yet the mansion felt almost like a mini castle. I would even go so far as to say McCune Mansion is Utah's version of The Bilmore Estate (although the Biltmore is much more breathtaking, I have to admit). When I visited the place before I was a teenager and my sister was searching for a location to hold her wedding reception. I am sure she was drawn to the dramatic elements throughout McCune (as well as a prime location). The guide who showed us through explained to my sister that she needed to know before booking the location that it was haunted. The guide went on to explain that many wedding parties had come set up hours before a reception, left, and come back to things rearranged. Not understanding what happened, the parties have accused cleaning crews or others of messing their place settings and such up when in fact nobody had been in the room since the wedding party left it.

My sister did not end up having her reception at McCune Mansion, but I don't think it had to do with the haunting going on there. In a way I was not dissapointed, though. When we went through the building the ballroom there gave me the creeps, and I have not been back inside that room since.