July 10, 2010

Werewolves vs. Skinwalkers: What's the Difference?

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Steven said...

Think of a Skinwalker as more of a Native American witch, since they are practitioners of black magic.

Anonymous said...

thanks for setting the record straight about skin walkers. Honestly, most white people don't bother to get to know other cultures and their beliefs.

Jack Carlson said...

I though skinwalkers could become anything they wanted, and that they didn't have to be wearing the pelt.. There was something like that in a book i read but i can't remember the name.. I'll see if i can find it.

Steven said...

Jack, I know Joanne Teller made such claims in her book The Navajo Skinwalker, Witchcraft & Related Spiritual Phenomena. Not everyone agrees with this assertion, but since there's no authoritative textbook on Skinwalkers I suppose anything is possible. Teller also claimed that Skinwalkers can "spirit walk" to perpetrate crimes, which you could say is somewhat similar to remote viewing, so physical obstacles won't stop them in their travels. If you're referring to a different book let me know. I'm always looking to learn more on the subject.