February 1, 2012

Update to the Blog: Praise Page

I constantly am making changes to this blog, including its look and feel. You might have already noticed the links at the top of the blog (well, below the title) for the different pages such as "Future Projects" and "About Steven." A new page has been recently added, which is simply called "Praise."

On the praise page you will find snippets of different reviews of my stories. This page will be updated on a fairly regular basis. If you want to contribute to the page, feel free to post a review of one of my stories on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble or my Facebook page's wall.

Look for more changes coming to the blog in the near future!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I like the pages feature. Almost missed yours since the font color blends.

Steven said...

Yes, I like it as well. I have thought about changing my page's design again because of the blending issue.

Steven said...

Okay, Alex, the blending issue has been fixed! Thanks for the suggestion.

Jeremy Bates said...

love the design of your blog site

Steven said...

Thank you, Jeremy!