March 16, 2012

Paranormal Fridays: Emailing From Beyond the Grave? Also, More Chupcabra Activity in Mexico

For centuries, mankind has been obsessed with contacting the dead, even communicating with those who have partaken in death's sleep. The reasons for doing so vary from those who wish to ensure their loved ones are happy in the afterlife, to people wanting to employ the dead to harm their enemies.

Up until recently, though, contact with the dead has involved using what you might call primitive devices such as a spirit or Ouija board, psychic mediums, etc. In our modern times we have turned to our technology to reach out to those who have passed on. EVPs or electronic voice phenomena are commonly used by modern ghost investigators who believe the dead's voices might turn up--grainy and quiet--on a digital audio recording. There is even the ovulus that combines several environmental readings to produce supposed communications with the dead.

I thought I had heard of it all, and then I recently read an article about the dead communicating through email.

Yes, that's right, email.

As crazy as it might sound, some people in the UK claim that their deceased friend and family member has been contacting them using email. Unlike some other accounts of posthumous email contact, these emails do not involve spam or other commercial content. In fact, some of the emails contain information only known to the deceased and the recipient, casting doubt on a hacker being the source.

I guess you could make an argument that in this modern society of ours, we truly cannot get away from our dependency on technology, even in the afterlife.

Now, on to the Chupacabra news. As told by quite a few international news agencies, people in Paracuaro, Mexico claim that 35 sheep were killed by chupacabras. Apparently the sheep were not harmed, save for what appeared to be teeth and claw marks on their necks.

What makes the story strange is that several horses and pigs were contained in the same area as the slaughtered sheep, yet these other animals were untouched. Past animal deaths blamed on chupacabras have included a variety of livestock, especially cows. For this and a few other details not released to the media, several cryptozoologists are skeptical that the attack was performed by a chupacabra.

From what I have studied, most attacks blamed on the legendary "goat sucker" (that's what it means in Spanish) involve animals' bodies being desanguinated (all of the blood sucked out of the body) through only two or four tiny wounds that resemble pin pricks. No blood is found on the ground around the prey, which is contrary to the behavior of known wild predators such as wolves or mountain lions.

So what caused he death of the sheep? Who knows, but after the Bigfoot freezer gag I think a lot of people are less likely to just buy any ol' wild claim about legendary creatures (at least so I hope).


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Emails from the dead? That's a new one.

Steven said...

There's a first time for everything, right?