May 18, 2012

Paranormal Fridays: Parapsychology in the News

Happy Friday, everyone! As you all know, today is when I post about the paranormal. I had trouble deciding on the exact topic of this post, since there have been so many interesting items about parapsychology floating around in the news lately. In case you missed some of these things, here is a sampling of parapsychology in the news:

Skeptico recently posted an interview  with Dr. Daryl Bem, a Cornell University emeritus professor, about his research in parapsychology. Bem talks extensively about attempts by skeptics to discredit his research, including talking about the unethical and potentially dishonest methods used by other academics. I can tell you from personal experience that academics can be particularly crafty at discrediting others' work by leaving out information, or analyzing statistics in just the right way. In any case, the interview is interesting if you have the time to read it over.

Speaking of academics, parapsychology and skeptics, SF Weekly ran a profile on Stanley Krippner, who is a well-known parapsychologist. Krippner's response to critics is particularly interesting, as he says he agrees with much of the criticism leveled by the critics of parapsychology. The profile also goes into some detail about Krippner's sometimes bizarre experiments, such as when he involved the attendees at a Grateful Dead concert in an parapsychological exercise.

Finally, I ran across this very interesting piece from the Las Vegas Sun, which talks about remote viewers who assisted in a murder case in California. The story helps counter claims made by some that psychics have never helped in any way solve a crime. While I personally believe there are a million scam artists posing as psychics, along with people who have mental issues or good intentions but not good methods, this article points out there are a few psychics who have used their abilities to genuinely help others. It's an interesting story that is most definitely worth the time.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

At a Grateful Dead concert? At the very least, I guarantee the attendees were full of spirits.