June 29, 2012

Paranormal Fridays: The Curse of Livermore

Unless you are from California you likely have never heard of Livermore. It is a city of about 80,000 situated on the eastern edge of the Bay Area. While not as glamorous as San Francisco, it is also much more quiet and affordable to live in Livermore.

Livermore also has an interesting past, including when it was cursed back in the 1960s by Adam Fortunate Eagle Nordwall. Nordwall was a famous Native American rights activist who used to host wild parties attended by the Black Panthers and other radical rights groups from the area.

Nordwall donated a totem pole to Livermore for the city's centennial celebration. For whatever reason that isn't clear now, the city leaders hacked off several feet from the pole before they set it in the city's main park for all to enjoy. Nordwall was not amused by the desecration of his work, especially since Native Americans consider totem poles to be sacred objects. The white city leaders ignored his pleas to restore the pole to its original condition.

Feeling he had no other choice, Nordwall showed up at the city council's chambers to discuss the matter. Instead of a discussion, though, Nordwall ended up putting a curse on the city since the council would not hear him out on the restoration of the totem pole. What was the curse? The death of every firstborn? Crops would not grow? No, it was something much worse.

Nordwall cursed the city of Livermore's sewer system.

I'm sure people laughed at the curse, thinking it was some hokey idiot trying to extort the city into doing what he wanted. The thing was that within two weeks the city's sewer system backed up. The city leaders panicked and hurriedly joined the two sections of the totem pole before replacing it in the park, hoping it would restore the city's sewer functions. Fortunately the sewer waters began to flow once more and everything was fine in the city of Livermore--or so everyone thought.

Several years ago a documentary crew was creating a piece about the history of Livermore. The incident about the totem pole came up, and so the crew interviewed the former city manager as well as another prominent resident and Nordwall. Nordwall declared that he never received an apology for the incident, and so the curse was not entirely lifted. A few weeks after the documentary was released to the public, the former city manager and the prominent resident both died.

Coincidence? Not taking any chances, the mayor of Livermore began pleading with the city council to issue a formal apology. I guess the mayor didn't want to be next in line for the curse.

As far as I can tell, a formal apology was never issued. Will some other tragedy strike the city, such as a Twilight convention being held there? Only time will tell...

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