November 9, 2012

Recent Bigfoot Sighting in Utah

If this is a hoax, it's much better than the Patterson Bigfoot

Some unidentified campers who were in the mountains near Provo, Utah videotaped what some are calling Bigfoot. While some people are shocked to hear of a potential Bigfoot sighting in Utah, I am not surprised in the least.

I'm not necessarily saying the video is authentic, but I will say that Bigfoot sightings are actually quite common in Utah. Sasquatch sightings have been reported in many parts of the state, with quite a concentration in the many rugged wilderness areas of the state. Bigfoot has also been reportedly sighted nearer to population centers in the state, including some motorists on busy I-15 saying they've almost struck a creature that walks upright and is as tall as truckers sitting in a semi.

This new video (see below) was posted by a user who simply goes by Beard Card on YouTube. I can only guess that the user is or at least was a BYU student, since the school requires a beard card for men who must grow facial hair for medical reasons. The user posted that he and some friends were camping in Provo Canyon, somewhere near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon Overlook. While at their camp, the group saw some deer and decided to get closer and videotape them. They then saw what they assumed was a bear (this is where the video starts) until the creature stood up, looking like something much bigger.

As with any claimed paranormal evidence, there are people who are both applauding this video and tearing it apart. Critics are saying the creature really was a bear, someone in a fur coat or a friend in a bear suit who successfully scared the group. Others are claiming the video is not a hoax, pointing out that most hoaxes involve people hamming it up or acting overly dramatic for the camera. The people in the video are pretty quiet, like they are trying to not make noise and attract the wild animal they're seeing. If the person who posted this video is seeking fame and fortune with a hoax video, they're keeping their identity under wraps (which can indicated authenticity). Also, people are pointing out that the fact there isn't a crystal clear view of the creature actually discounts any hoax claims, since most hoaxes give viewers a rather clear view of the supposed Bigfoot.

I'm holding off judgement on this one. Even though there are many indicators pointing to the video's authenticity, it's also possible that whoever put the video together has studied what I and others have written about paranormal hoaxes, and so crafted this video to be more believable than most. I always maintain a healthy level of skepticism, even when I see things with my own eyes, let alone when I see a brief, dizzying video of a supposed cryptid.

Check out the Bigfoot video for yourself:


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Whatever it was, it definitely stood up and it did look like arms. I would've run as well.!

Steven said...

Yes, running is probably the most logical thing to do in the situation. Still, I wish they could've gotten a clearer shot of the thing. Usually in the wild it's difficult to get clear shots of wildlife that are in the trees, which is why they stay in the trees.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Oh that was freaky!!

Steven said...

Diane, yes it was. Sadly, I think I'm less phased by things like this video since I study the paranormal all the time. I imagine in person it would've been quite heart-stopping.