November 6, 2012

Why People Experience Hauntings

People experience hauntings or paranormal activity in their house, workplace or other places they frequent for a number of reasons. I'm not of the opinion that there is a one-size-fits-all answer or root cause for all hauntings, since I think a haunted location can be a highly complex and potentially impossible event to completely understand. The following is a list of some potential causes or reasons that a location is haunted, including why some people who frequent the location experience paranormal activity while others do not.

Some people just plain have an overactive imagination. I know there are paranormal skeptics out there. Sadly, I think skeptics are more right than wrong for questioning reported paranormal activity at a location. From my experience there are quite a few people who claim to have experienced a haunting, when in fact they just have an overactive imagination. I'll just leave that at that.

The past is playing itself out over and over. Some paranormal experts claim that all hauntings are the product of the past replaying itself over and over. The spirits the living see are not aware of the living because they are not sentient entities, but rather are just spiritual "energy" that is replaying the events of the past. If someone witnesses the same actions going on in a house at routine intervals, then this is a fairly likely cause of the activity.

It's a punishment. Some groups and individuals genuinely believe that people experience a haunting because they're being punished for a sin or wrong committed.I was actually told by someone I knew that the only time he experienced paranormal activity in his house was after he had viewed pornography. Many people think keeping playing cards in a house, drinking alcohol or any number of other activities they view as sinful are a surefire way to be punished with an aggressive and maybe even a violent haunting. The sinful behavior might open the door or cause a crack in the protective shield that kept these evil spirits out of a person's house, or some think a higher power actually sends the aggressive entities to terrorize the sinful until they see the err of their ways. The simple solution to such a problem is for a person to forsake the sinful activity and make amends for their wrongs, according to the religious system to which they belong.

Activity in the home has attracted spirit activity. Sometimes activities performed at a physical location can attract spiritual activity, even triggering a haunting. Performing ceremonies such as a seance, playing with an Ouija board and even taking EVPs can all create an attractant to spirits. It's similar to how sharks can smell blood in the water, some spirits are drawn to these activities like a moth to the flame.There's quite a bit of debate about which activities or devices attract ghosts the most, and what other factors might come into play that determine how many ghosts might be attracted, as well as what they do once they are in the house.

Strong emotions feed the paranormal. Many paranormal experts feel strongly that ghosts feed off people's emotions. Some theorize that negative entities actually gain strength through negative emotions like fear, greed, anger and frustration. This explains why so many people experience such powerful paranormal experiences when they are going through a particularly difficult time in their life, such as a divorce or a loved one suffering from health problems. Of course, the perceived paranormal phenomena could just be the manifestation of a person's stress, which is why independent measurement and documentation of the haunting becomes necessary to substantiate it.

Something attaches to a person. A demon possession would be a prime example of this. Basically a paranormal entity "attaches" itself to a person for any number of reasons (see above for a few potential reasons). If a person experiences the haunting in multiple locations, or if moving does not stop the paranormal activity, it is highly likely an entity has attached itself to a person. Exorcism or other extreme methods of spiritual expulsion or eviction might become necessary in such a situation. Another possible explanation is that the person is suffering from a psychiatric condition and needs professional help.

A spirit is attached to a building or piece of land. This theory has been around for a long time. Some people become very attached to the place where they lived or work, so much so that after they die they refuse to move on. Other spirits might become attached to a building because of the "energy" emanating from it (see the strong emotions explanation) or because activities in the house opened a portal of sorts that the spirits are attached to. We often think of ghosts being attached to an old building, but the fact of the matter is that they can also become attached to a piece of land, especially if an old structure that was standing on the land was demolished to make way for a new structure. 

Spirits are attracted to people who are "sensitive." I've written about this one before, so I won't go too in-depth. Some people are born with a sixth sense of sorts, something that allows them to perceive spiritual activity better than your average person. Whether it's a blessing or a curse, spirits are attracted to these people.

These are not all of the potential causes for hauntings,but they cover a good majority of them. Can any of you think of other potential causes?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think you covered most of them. Not buying a haunting as punishment though. That's a sign of an over-active guilt complex.

Steven said...

Alex, I would have to agree with your assessment of the haunting as a punishment theory. Unfortunately I have run into quite a few people who firmly believe in it.