December 4, 2012

Research Proves the Existence of Bigfoot?

Here we go again: someone is claiming to have irrefutable evidence that Bigfoot or Sasquatch is not just a legend, but in fact that the creature actually exists. Sadly, these claims usually are founded on some grainy video footage, a gorilla suit frozen in a solid block of ice or footprints that are easily debunked as a hoax. Many hobby cryptozoologists, or more specifically called Bigfoot hunters, cling to the hope that their next excursion into the wild will produce solid scientific evidence. So far no convincing evidence has come forth.

Or has it?

The Huffington Post, among many other media outlets, are reporting on the shocking claims made by Texas veterinarian Melba S. Ketchum, who works at a genetics lab called DNA Diagnostics. She claims that her team made up of geneticists and other scientists have finally found the key to proving that Bigfoot is not just a tall tale (pun intended). Bigfoot hunters have sent to Ketchum's lab samples of supposed Bigfoot hair, feces, blood and even saliva. Ketchum used these samples to create a genetic map of the creature, and she is claiming some shocking things about it--more than just that it exists.

According to Ketchum, Bigfoot might actually be related to Homo sapiens or human beings. Her research indicates that the Bigfoot race was spawned over 15,000 years ago when a female Homo sapien bred with some sort of a male primate.

Of course Ketchum's claims are controversial, and they await review from her scientific peers. A writeup of her findings are to appear in an unspecified scientific journal, after some peers review her findings. Some skeptics are saying the results of Ketchum's work proves the DNA samples were actually infected by the humans collecting or analyzing them. Ketchum says the claims are baseless, since her lab took steps to screen for contamination and the samples were all handled by robots and not humans.

Other researchers in England are working on some supposed Bigfoot DNA samples. They have not said anything about the results of their work, other than they will be published in a scientific journal in the near future.

Does Bigfoot actually exist? Is the creature's origin tied to the human race, or is it a completely separate species? Will the results of either of these studies show any possible connection between Bigfoot and Yeti? I guess we'll all have to wait and see.


Yolanda Renee said...

Of course big foot exists, don't all the monsters of our imaginations exist on some level?

It's a rip in time -- once in awhile they step through -- I'm thinking we have something they need? That's why there's no evidence such as bones of the dead, or old camps - etc. They step back through and disappear -- it would also explain why they appear everywhere in the world!
Sneaky little devils!

Sorry, couldn't resist :)
But my theories just as good as anyone's!

Steven said...

Yolanda, believe it or not, there are some Bigfoot enthusiasts who hold to a theory that the creature is an alien or a being from another dimension. They claim that it literally does enter our world through a type of wormhole or portal, and that's why they're so elusive. I find the various beliefs about Bigfoot and Yeti fascinating, partly because they tell us so much about ours and others' societies and worldviews.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Still hard to believe that no one has ever captured one though.

Steven said...

Alex, tell me about it. Of course a hundred years ago people said the same thing about gorillas. I'm not sure what to think for sure here.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

"a female Homo sapien bred with some sort of a male primate"

Eeeew. Not cool.

And where do you get Bigfoot droppings, pray tell? Bigfoot saliva? Give him a kiss and then go get swabbed? Also not cool.

Steven said...

Dianne, I was wonder when someone would comment on the origin theory. It's definitely not something you want to dwell on. As far as the saliva samples, I know researchers have claimed in the past to have scared off the creature and found some food it was eating, so perhaps that's where they got the saliva? And droppings, I guess you just follow its trail until you come upon a pile of them. It's gross stuff for sure!

Melissa said...

Ooo. Big Foot and genetics - a new angle. I need to send author Candilynn Fite over here. :D

Welcome to the group, Steven.
IWSG #145 until Alex culls the list again. :)

Steven said...

Melissa, thanks for visiting. Send over anyone you would like!