January 4, 2013

What is an Ultraterrestrial?

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If you believe Heaven is another plane of existence, then angels would qualify.

Steven said...

Alex, that is one theory some believe to be true. It is an intriguing thought.

LJ said...

Interesting read. I had always had a personal theory that paranormal encounters were in fact "other" dimension contact that some people are more in tune to than others..then I learned of the term ultra terrestrial. Now I want to learn more.

Steven said...

LJ, it is an interesting concept. I've heard quite a few theories about alternate dimensions and extraterrestrials, particularly the Andromedans.

steve miller said...

Food for thought, indeed.

How about:

The Toba eruption of 74 000 years ago occurred at a time when multiple hominid species co-existed ( H sapiens, H neanderthalenis, H flouresensis) so who's to say H sapiens was the most advanced at the time?

We know from genetic studies that a genetic bottle-neck occurred around this time and H sapiens numbers were vastly reduced, but have no idea of the effect on other hominids.

We can assume all suffered to a similar extent, but what if A.N Other hominid species had prior advantage and had developed beyond us at that point? Their numbers may have recovered quicker and they may have flourished whilst our ancestors struggled on.

If so, such a proposed hominid species could have tens of thousand of years on us and would be all but beyond our ken by now, i.e 'Ultraterrestrial'.

In earlier times they may have still interacted with humans resulting in folk memories of contact with advanced people, but the reality of that interaction has been forgotten.

Just a theory.

Steven said...

Steve, interesting theory that provides some food for thought. I was reading up on the subject not too long ago, and the latest research I saw was that now scholars think homo sapiens were not the most advanced but somehow we flourished. Perhaps one day the truth will come out.

James Powell said...

I have long held this belief but did not know what to call it. Just now was watching ancient aliens and heard the "ultraTerrestrial " and realized this was what my notion actually was. So I googled it and was surprised at everything I found. I have read and studied the kjv bible for years and still have lots of unresolved thoughts and ideas.

Is anyone still using this blog or site?

willie andal said...

Is it possible that Jesus christ is not a God but an extraterrestrial? I hope someone can answer.

James Powell said...

Could be both, the words would need definition. Particularly God, god and extraterrestrial etc.