February 26, 2013

Moving a Haunted House Down the Street

Brigham Young's Forest Farmhouse at This is the Place Park. Photo credit Steven Symes

An interesting real estate transaction recently occurred, capturing some media attention for its paranormal aspects. A house in Iowa that is famous for paranormal activity was just purchased by an individual. Another person purchased the land the house sat on, requiring the home's new owner to transport it to a new plot. This of course meant the owner had to move the house by truck, which was filmed by a local news crew and observed by curious onlookers (see the YouTube video below for the news footage).

This isn't the first time I've heard of a haunted house being moved. In fact, just a few miles from my house is an historical park that is populated by a couple dozen old buildings, many of which are haunted. The buildings have been transported there from different locations across the state.

People are wondering if moving the house in Iowa will put an end to the haunting. I would say it depends on a few factors, making it difficult to predict. Sometimes hauntings can be attached to a structure and could theoretically follow the structure no matter where it goes. Those haunted old structures near my house would suggest that the ghosts don't have a geographical limit on their roaming and instead have chosen to stick with the house whether out of affinity for it or some other bond.

Sometimes a haunting is actually attached to the land where a home or other structure sits, meaning you can put a new house up but that new structure will be haunted sooner or later. Reasons for land-based hauntings can be similar to the reasons for structural hauntings.

While it doesn't sound the least bit likely here, since the house has changed ownership and the hauntings have continued a house might not be the thing haunted, but instead one or more people living in it are the source. Spirits might attach themselves to a person for perhaps even more reasons than attaching themselves to a structure or piece of land, including that there is something about the person a spirit likes or hates.

It will be interesting to see in the coming years if the "Haunted Mansion of Jasper County" as it is called by the locals continues to be a source of paranormal activities.

Enjoy the video:


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was one big house to move! Will be curious to find out if it's still haunted.

Lexie C. said...

Oh wow, that's pretty amazing! I too am curious to find out if the hauntings continue! :)

Steven said...

Alex, it is a very large house and kind of reminds me of the one in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Lexie, I'm curious as well and will try to keep up on future developments.

Annalisa Crawford said...

I love the sound of the park where all the haunted houses live! It seems bizarre and fitting at the same time.

Steven said...

Annalisa, it's a cool park with people in period dress who work there. They also do a haunted tour each October.

Charmaine Clancy said...

Would be great to have a writers retreat in a 'haunted' house, very inspirational!

Steven said...

Charmaine, I've done writing in haunted houses. Trust me, it isn't always a fun or inspirational experience (well, maybe it's inspirational after the fact).