February 5, 2013

Psychometry: Reading the Psychic Vibrations

Objects that are highly personal are the best for psychometry. Image credit Piotr Kozlowski, stock.xchng.

I think we've all seen those cheesy television movies where someone takes an item from a missing person to a psychic who is dressed in weird clothing (which usually is Middle Eastern garb, because that's just soooo weird). The psychic holds the item for a minute and then her features turn all twisted like she's in pain because she's seeing that loved one's demise at the hands of a man wearing black leather gloves!

What you have witnessed in that cheesy film is a dramatic representation of psychometry. Not all psychics claim to have the ability, but those who do say they can hold an item and pick up psychic "vibrations" off of it. These vibrations can tell them about who owns or owned the item, details about the person's life and maybe even perhaps that person's location.

The word psychometry comes from two Greek words: "psyche" or "soul" and "metron" or "measure." So psychometry literally is about measuring the soul. The technique plays off the paranormal theory that all things that have lived end up leaving marks in the world. Some people even believe that hauntings are a result of deep marks left from past people, especially of highly emotional times in their life (such as a murder).

Some psychic experts claim that pretty much everyone is psychic to an extent, and they say that psychometry is one area in which most people are sensitive. Experiment, they say, on an item that had strong significance to someone who has passed on, someone you didn't know. Items like coins are too impersonal, since they passed through so many hands and often for only short periods of time. A prized possession like a musical instrument, or even better something the person always wore like a favorite necklace, is best. You must put yourself into a meditative state (there are many schools of thought on how best to do this, including yoga meditative practices). The real trick comes next. Thoughts will start to flow at random, but most people have a thought censor installed in their mind. Anything that sounds off or crazy is thrown out by the psyche. This is why being in a meditative state is important since it helps thin out or even remove that censor. You must say whatever comes to mind first. These experts claim that correcting or rethinking what you are going to say can completely change the meaning, leading to an inaccurate reading. I suppose this is where practice is the most useful, since removing one's filter is harder than it sounds.

Some claim that how you hold the object affects your ability to read the psychic vibrations coming off it. Some psychics feel that holding the object to their head gives them the clearance reception to these psychic vibrations. Others hold the objects by their fingertips, hover their hand just over the object or even cradle it in both hands.

How people experience these psychic vibrations also differs. Some people see things. Other hear sounds that are not of this plane of existence. Yet others smell strange odors. And still other people have thoughts enter their mind that seem as though they were put there by another source.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They say everything has energy.

Steven said...

Alex, yes there are quite a few religions and philosophies that teach as such (including Star Wars). Some psychics literally call that energy in everything "spirit."