April 6, 2013

Blogging From A to Z April Challenge Day Six: F is for Flame Messages

Today's post addresses a little-known psychic or seance method known as flame messaging. As the name suggests, flame messaging involves the person who is seeking communication with spirits using a flame as a medium. Some people prefer this method of seance because it is easy to perform alone.

Most people start off by mediating, praying or even chanting just like at the beginning of any seance. They might have an object from a deceased loved one whom they wish to communicate with, as a way of helping make the connection.

The person then lights a candle. Some people think the color or size of the candle matters. Before beginning, the person will ask a question out loud, something they want to know from a spirit. Many wait for the candle to flicker before continuing, a sign that a spirit is present in the room. The person then holds a piece of paper above the candle's flame, but not close enough that it will combust. The smoke and heat from the flame will make a design on the paper.

This design is then studied by the person, kind of like how people will study tea leaves. The person might see the image of an object that answers a question they have, or they might see a face or something else in the pattern created by the smoke and heat . Some people repeat this process with several pieces of paper, asking new questions before using each one and receiving more complex answers to their questions.


Lexie C. said...

Never heard of this- really interesting though! :)

Sylvia Ney said...

Very interesting! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


Annalisa Crawford said...

I've not heard of this - interesting. I've just written a short story based on teenage mags from the 80s - they always had Halloween features about candles and mirrors and seeing your future

Steven said...

Lexie, there isn't much information out there about it. I think the technique has largely been lost with time.

Sylvia, thanks for stopping by!

Annalisa, gotta love the paranormal as taught in teen magazines!