May 24, 2013

The Beast of Bray Road

Bray Road is a rural road located outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. In the 1980s the road was at the center of a paranormal phenomena that caught the attention of local journalists and eventually people from across the world.

May 7, 2013

Review of American Horror Story: Season 1

I'll be honest, I'm generally not a huge fan of horror. Sure, I write some stories people might classify as horror, but I think it's such a loose term. Most of what falls into the genre is just plain grotesque in almost a voyeuristic way and I don't find that to be interesting in the least.

But I have given plenty of horror books and movies the benefit of a doubt. Sometimes I end up turning off the TV or putting the book down not too long into it, but sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. It was the faint hope of being pleasantly surprised that lead me to try out season one of American Horror Story on Netflix. The series was also recommended to me by some readers, so I thought it was worth at least trying out.