June 28, 2013

Why I Love Breaking Bad

Not until recently did I get hooked on the AMC show Breaking Bad, which is the story of high school chemistry teacher becoming a meth cook after learning he has cancer. I have to admit at first it sounded like a strange concept for a show and I wasn't sure I would like it. You see, back in the day I used to teach classes at the local jail, where I would be locked in a room with a dozen or so inmates. It was there that I saw firsthand the horrendous effects of meth addiction. I literally now can look at a crowd and pick out people who have used meth heavy for a long time. So I wasn't sure I wanted to watch a television show that glamorized the use of meth.

June 25, 2013

Stonehenge, UFO Sightings and More: Britain's X-Files Are Getting Interesting

In case you haven't been keeping up with the paranormal news out of England for the past several months or so, the government there has been going through the process of declassifying and releasing X-files relating to UFO sightings from the past 60 years. Needless to say, there have been some very interesting facts and claims revealed to the public.

June 14, 2013

Book Review: UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record

Believe it or not I am quite skeptical of most UFO stories. I myself have seen strange lights in the sky, only to realize after a few minutes they are from a medical helicopter or something else man-made. I strongly suspect the vast majority of UFO sightings are from people's rush to judgment and ignorance of what can be in the sky (like Chinese lanterns).

A while ago when I was at the library I ran across a copy of UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record. I had read the press release for the book when it came out a couple of years or so ago, threw it on my reading list and then kind of forgot about it. The chance to read the book for free was too tempting, and so I checked it out and brought it home. I figured if the book was a bunch of horrible nonsense I was out no money and only a little bit of time.

June 4, 2013

Dearg Due

Most people have no idea that the Irish culture has its own version of the vampire. These Irish vampires are called Dearg-due and no, they definitely do not sparkle. When you think about it, it makes sense that the Irish had their own vampire tales since Bram Stoker was Irish.But Dearg-due is nothing like Dracula.