June 25, 2013

Stonehenge, UFO Sightings and More: Britain's X-Files Are Getting Interesting

In case you haven't been keeping up with the paranormal news out of England for the past several months or so, the government there has been going through the process of declassifying and releasing X-files relating to UFO sightings from the past 60 years. Needless to say, there have been some very interesting facts and claims revealed to the public.

The tail-end of these revelations to the public ended with the release of 4,300 pages of documents that detail out sightings over Stonehenge and Parliament. Apparently quite a few people sent in photos of strange disc-like objects in the sky over the two iconic monuments in England between 2007 and 2009. Officials did not investigate the photos because they were of such poor resolution the objects were impossible to analyze and even attempt to identify. The powers that be also felt that using government resources to chase down anything that did not seem a threat to the country's defenses was wasteful and irresponsible.

Also interesting and not surprising is that several iffy UFO sightings that were reported and later explained by natural phenomena were picked up by the Sun and touted as evidence of alien life visiting England. I keep my eye on the UFO news stories from around the world, and let me tell you the Sun runs some of the most ridiculous ones around. I could rip some of those headlines and come up with some pretty interesting science fiction books if I so chose.

The final release of documents also revealed the official reason the British government shut down its UFO desk. Apparently the proliferation of camera phones meant reports of strange objects in the sky, especially pictures of the strange objects, increased by two-fold in one year, and then three-fold the following year. Needless to say the government did not find the majority of these sightings to be legitimate and so concluded the program was a drain on finances during a budget crunch.

Of course there are conspiracy theorists who say the release of these X-files is just smoke and mirrors, a move to appease the public. These people feel that incriminating files have been held back or destroyed, never to be put before the general public, in an attempt to suppress the truth. While I guess anything is possible, sometimes conspiracy theories can get out of hand. And by sometimes I mean often.

What do you think, are Stonehenge and Parliament some ancient alien landing pads, UFO repair shops or directional markings?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I bet they were really just cleaning out the files.
You would think with all the cameras and cell phones in the world now, we'd get a decent shot.

Steven said...

Alex, think back several years ago when most people did not have a decent camera on their cell phone. I think with Google Glass in high usage we could get some truly interesting UFO footage :)

Robin said...

It is interesting. There is speculation that you can take a better picture with your IPhone or SmartPhone than your digital camera. I have seen some pretty amazing pictures taken with phones, so that theory does seem pretty sound. And yet... no one can get a good UFO shot.

Flying in the face of that, I think we all do believe that there is life out there somewhere. Don't we? Are we naive enough to think this is the only planet in the entire universe that can sustain life??? I don't know that aliens have ever been here, but I think someone should be able to get a decent picture when the time comes!!!

Morgan said...

I LOVE stuff like this... seriously so fun and entertaining!

randi lee said...

Veeery interesting stuff, there, Steven--I agree with Alex--you'd think someone would have taken a good shot by now!

Steven said...

Robin, the likelihood that we are it for sentient life in the universe is incredibly low, if existent at all. That being said, there are a number of theories about why decent shots of UFOs do not exist. Some think it has to do with cloaking technologies, others with the extreme radiation put off by the ships (pilots and others have reported instrument malfunction in the presence of some UFOs). It's such a fascinating subject with so many possibilities and so little that's known.

Morgan, it is a fun/entertaining subject.

Randi, see my comment above. I wonder the same thing, too.

Sharon Himsl said...

Well, this was interesting to read. I have to believe there are scientist seriously researching alien life. We probably hear only a fraction of what they know .... but someday we'll know more. Right? I don't know how common sightings are in the population, but I know of at least three people who may have had alien encounters--at least they will always wonder.

Steven said...

Sharon, you should check out my review of the book about UFOs, which posted on this blog last week.