April 15, 2014


Some people believe that communication with the dead is possible. Perhaps you have lost a loved one and just want to have that final closure. Some contact the dead to learn about past events that happened in a building or on a piece of land, oftentimes in a quest to understand why the area is haunted. There are, of course, those who seek to contact the dead for recreational purposes.

While you can attempt to speak to the dead using an Ouija board or other method, you can also used a medium. Why does anyone use mediums? There is a perceived level of expertise with using one. After all, how many people contact the dead on a regular basis? Many mediums claim to have special psychic gifts that make them more in tune with those on the other side of the veil. These gifts can include clairvoyance and clairsentience, to name a few.

I've never used a medium to speak with the dead, but I've interviewed some. Like all psychics, my opinion is that there are many, many outright frauds. Yet there are some that at least seem pretty convincing. The subject of speaking with the dead is a sensitive one since it crosses all sorts of personal emotions and religious convictions, so it is a highly controversial subject.

There are many, many fictional portrayals of mediums, both of the real and fraudulent type. I'me still particular to the television show Medium. What are some of your favorites?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Not convinced by mediums I'm afraid.

Robin said...

I loved the TV show Medium, which was based on the real life of Alison DuBois (and her her family). The real-life Alison did indeed work with the Phoenix PD to solve cases. I think she is the Real Deal. There is a psychic/medium in St. Augustine that I have been to several times. I think she is the Real Deal. She has blown me away several times. I NEVER tell them anything and she has nailed it. I have been to other mediums that I don't think actually have it "going on." There will always be fakes mixed in with the Real Thing. And maybe some people who have a degree of psychic ability, but really should not charge people for readings.

Patricia Lynne said...

Mediums are something I'm never sure of. I know there are frauds and ones that are touted as legit, I still wonder about. How do I know it's not just coincidence?

~Patricia Lynne~
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David P. King said...

You know, I tried to get into that show ... Saw a documentary recently about the Amityville Horror, found it curious the many explanations from several different mediums. :)

Holli Moncrieff said...

I have a friend who is a medium. She's helped the police find out what happened to missing girls, and is absolutely amazing.

I once brought her to a "ghost walk" event at the museum where I worked, and she went around the group of 16 people and told them each something about their relationship with someone who had died. She knew that a reporter's grandmother used to crochet pineapples on everything, and that another guy once got his head stuck between stair railings when he was a kid. It was incredible. Even I didn't know who was going to attend, so there was no way she could have researched them beforehand.

Everyone was bawling by the end. If a medium is legit, the experience is extremely emotional. However, even legit mediums have off days. My friend has told me that some days it just doesn't work--it's not something she has control over. So I'd be wary of the ones that "perform" in front of a large audience.

Lady Jai said...

I just had a conversation with my husband about mediums recently! I am not sure about the whole conversing thing, but I do believe that there are some of us who are more empathetic than others, so much so they can sense a feeling or presence but I don't know about actual conversations.

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Nicki Elson said...

Does Shawn Spencer from Psych count? No? Dangit.

mshatch said...

Haven't seen the show but I loved the book Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel whose mc was a medium. Very interesting.

Lexa Cain said...

I loved that show! I'm not really a believer in the supernatural - except for some amazing mediums I've seen on TV, like Teresa Caputo, James Van Praagh, and Allison DuBois. I believe in them and have no explanation for what they can do other than the supernatural.

S. L. Hennessy said...

I'm not sure I believe in them, but I sure do want to. It would be wonderful to be able to speak with the dead. I have so many loved ones and dead writers I'd love to talk to.