April 3, 2014

Blogging From A to Z Day 3: C is for Clairsentience

For the month of April I will be participating in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. Learn more about the challenge by clicking here. Each day (except Sundays) I will be posting a theme based on each letter of the alphabet. This blog is covering paranormal topics for the month. To read my automotive blog posts for the challenge, click here.

Clairsentience is one of the three big categories when it comes to psychic intuition. Pretty much everyone has heard of clairvoyance, or the ability to see things that are beyond the eyes' ability to see, including future events. Clairsentience is somewhat similar, yet different, so read on to learn more about this psychic gift.

To start off, the word "clairsentience" contains the words "claire" which means "clear" and "sentience" which means "feeling." This "clear feeling" people get is literally just that -- a feeling. Many people describe feeling sensations of clairsentience, even though they don't describe them as such. Anytime someone says they went with their gut, they are possibly experiencing a moment of clairsentience. As with all psychic abilities and everything paranormal, not everyone thinks clairsentience exists, and many people believe in it but keep their belief extremely private.

I see in the news all the time that people say "something didn't feel right." Maybe they felt like they needed to check on their child in the night, or that their spouse was in trouble during a trip. One of the passengers on the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 gave his wife his watch and wedding ring before he departed on his trip, telling her to give them to their two young sons if something happened to him. There are numerous documented cases of soliders' dogs crying out suddenly as if they are in pain, the families realizing later that in that precise moment their child or sibling was killed. Police officers have described knowing that someone had a gun that was not visible, giving them just enough of an edge to doge a bullet and return fire without being injured.

I could go on, but I think everyone probably gets the point by now. I'm a big gut person. The times when I've mistrusted that strong feeling inside of me, things have turned out bad. When I trust the feeling, good things happen. Some of the best things in my life have happened as a result of trusting that gut feeling. Of course, as with other such psychic gifts, such feelings only work if you are truly in touch with yourself and the source of such feelings. when it comes to the source, there is certainly quite an array of beliefs out there.

Have you ever experienced a moment of clairsentience and either followed or not followed your feeling?


Annalisa Crawford said...

I'm fascinated by the dogs crying out, and how sad is the story about the Malaysian flight passenger?

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I think everyone has experienced that gut feeling, whether they want to admit it or not.

Robin said...

Funny how you can say "listen to your gut" and people will nod and agree. Call it clairsentience and people are like... no way, that is mystical.

I think we all have it to some degree. Some people way more than others. I can honestly say that every bad decision I have made was because I didn't listen to my gut. I regretted it every time. I really want my life from this point on to be more paying attention to it and following through accordingly.

Tony Laplume said...

I've experienced moments of this. Unfortunately.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Kind of like a sixth sense.

Lexa Cain said...

I'd never heard of this, only of "clairvoyance." But I've heard a lot of stories about people "feeling" things, knowing a loved one was hurt or had passed. I sure believe in going with your gut - and I'm glad it's worked out for you! :)

randi lee said...

I've had a voice in my head say, "Don't do that" many times...and I've done it anyway. Those times turned out to be bad. I try and follow that voice best I can now!

David P. King said...

I am so glad I found your blog. This theme is right up my alley! :)

Anonymous said...

I did not know that had a name! Thanks for the education! Love it!

Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
My A to Z
Caring for My Veteran

Holli Moncrieff said...

I love this theme! I'm fascinated by all things paranormal.

When I was a kid I went swimming with my friends. An older man was there, a man my friends knew and adored. They ran right over to play with him, and called for me to join them.

I couldn't. It was like something was holding me back. I couldn't make myself go anywhere near him, no matter how friendly he seemed. My friends must have thought I was weird.

A couple of years later, this man was charged with molesting some of his students (he was a teacher). Some people didn't believe the girls who had reported him, but I knew they were telling the truth.

I think we tend to be much more in tune with that gut instinct when we're children. Most of us lose a lot of it in the process of growing up.

Charity Bradford said...

I agree, I think everyone has felt it at some time in their life. Don't shoot me, I've always credited it to the spirit of God or Holy Ghost guiding me where I need to be. :)

Patricia said...

Interesting post. Love to learn new words. I have had these types of feelings since I was a child. I believe it is the Spirit doing His work.

Steven said...

Annalisa, it's a very sad story. The dog stories are quite fascinating to me as well.

Diane, so very true!

Ronbin, it's all about word usage!

Tony, why was it unfortunate?

Alex, it would be considered one of the possible sixth senses, along with clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance.

Lexa, you're not alone.

Randi, following that little voice isn't always as easy as it seems.

David, I'm glad you found my blog as well!

carinforaveteran, I'm always glad to educate!

Holli, cool story, not that the guy was a child molester but that you followed your gut. As adults we're taught that doing so is "silly."

Charity, I wouldn't shoot you. Many people call it different names, but I think we're all describing the same thing.

Patricia, excellent that you have cultivated the feeling instead of pushing it away!

Tony Laplume said...

Well, the most recent one concerned my sister losing another baby. So that's pretty unfortunate.