September 26, 2014

What Are Shadow People?

Since essentially the dawn of civilization and the written word, encounters with shadow people have been recorded. They have been described as literally consisting only of shadow, even manifesting in dark rooms where there is little light to cast such shadows. And unlike a regular shadow, shadow people do not stretch across the ground and project onto flat surfaces, but seem to be three-dimensional like other beings. 
So what exactly are shadow people? 

There are many theories. To get it out of the way, skeptics think they are figments of people's imagination, psychological manifestations, and whatnot. People who do not summarily dismiss the phenomena have a variety of theories about what shadow people are and why some individuals have seen them. 

Most interesting is the fact that almost all belief systems and schools of thought view shadow people as evil beings. In fact, people I have interviewed who have beheld a shadow person up close have described the experience as extremely frightening and that they had the overwhelming feeling that the shadow person was malevolent in nature. 

Another interesting point is that almost all reports of shadow people indicate that the outline suggested a tall male figure, not a feminine being at all. 

One of the simplest and most common explanations for shadow people is that they are ghosts. Why the living can only see them in shadow form is a subject of debate and great speculation. Are they people who were particularly horrible in this life? Could it be that they were serial killers, even? Others speculate that shadow people are evil spirits who have never possessed bodies or lived on this earth, but instead go about trying to terrorize humanity. 

Another theory about shadow people is that they are ultraterrestrials. When they are viewed in shadow form, these mysterious beings are closed to coming through the veil or partition that separates our dimensions. Something about a specific geographical location features a thinning of that stuff that keeps these creatures normally not visible at all, which would help explain why some buildings or even pieces of land are more popular for reports of shadow people sightings. 

What I find to be the most interesting of the explanations of the shadow people phenomena has to do with astral projection or psychic remote viewing. This entails a person with psychic abilities being able to separate the spirit from the body, then travel around in that spirit form to view other areas that normally aren't accessible (such as secure buildings) and maybe even to act on the physical plane through telekinesis. These people claim that when a person's spirit leaves the body like that, it manifests as a shadow and can only be seen by a few people who are psychically sensitive. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd heard the term before but had no idea what a shadow person was - thanks for filling me in.

Robin said...

Must say that I am glad to never have come across a shadow person.

D.G. Hudson said...

I don't rule out anything such as shadow people, but I do believe there is psychic phenomena we don't understand. I also think some people are more sensitive or receptive to seeing this phenomena or even sending out messages to those in the spirit world. Otherwise, it seems hard to explain why so many think they see dead loved ones who come to help them calm down if they are distraught at the loss.

I've not seen any ghosts or shadow people, but I've felt what I call 'vibes' in certain places.
Interesting that you've interviewed people about this.

Our WEP challenge next month is Ghost Story, be sure to stop by my blog near the end of October.

mshatch said...

I see a story there. I also DON'T want to run into a shadow person.

Michelle said...

I've come face to face (almost) with one, one night a few years ago. I was about five stairs from the top and it was at the top of the stairs. I stared at it and it stared at me. Although I never felt threatened or any evil intent with it rather it was very sad. It seemed to be saying goodbye to me and after a minute or so it disappeared.

Annalisa Crawford said...

Chilling. I've not really heard of shadow people before, but I could definitely use them in my writing.

stand4ever1 said...

i was 4 years old in 67, we lived in mankato minnesota, accross the street and at the bottom of the hill and long stairway that lead up to the nunnery, it was early eve, my older sisters were babysitting, i was in the kitchen running water to make oldest sis a cup of instant coffee, i looked down the direction of living room and downstairs bdroom where great gramma slept, and this perfectly black, crisp, full figure sillouette of a lean male strode perfectly across the living room into that bedroom, we had many manyy odd things happen, but im only one to see that, scared the shit outta me

Dianne K. Salerni said...

This is a paranormal term I've never heard before. I'll have to look it up the next time I have a spare moment. (Which will no doubt be 30 seconds after I sit down and commit myself to working on my WIP.)

VR Barkowski said...

I've never seen a shadow person, and I hope to keep it that way. While it seems feasible a shadow person could be a being composed of energy, I do have an issue with the ultraterrestrial theory. Is it possible that in general, darker energies are stronger or more enduring that positive energies? Could that be why shadow people are presumed evil? One never hears about someone moving into a home where something wonderful happened and there's just a wonderful energy left from the previous inhabitants. It's always the reverse.

VR Barkowski

Rachel Corbet said...

I accidentally stumbled across this... Makes me feel a little better saying that I see 'shadow people'.

Definitely not something you want to come across. Although the only thing you really particularly notice is the being itself and a.. bad feeling. Sometimes really bad and others feel like it's just a warning.

I do say that you don't necessarily want to look for them. But when you find one, you will absolutely know.