July 29, 2015

Why the Mysterious and Dark Fascinate Me

From the time I was young I've been fascinated with mysterious, dark things. While I haven't always been able to understand why that's been the case, as I've grown older and started writing and deeply studying things I've begun to better grasp why.

The common misconception is that people who are "into" dark and mysterious things are just deeply depressed and love to focus on the negative. I've had people more or less accuse me of just that, some even stop talking to me because the think I'm dabbling in "bad" things. The very reasons those people shun the dark and mysterious are why I and others are drawn to it.

I'm not afraid of abstract concepts or ideas. I know people who are terrified or frustrated by such things, which is why they enjoy "safe" subjects such as math or accounting. Math was an okay subject for me, I did well in it, but it wasn't until I rose to the level that I started to get into math theory that it started to really interest me deeply. That's because in the theoretical realm, math stops being such a black-and-white subject. The complexity and uncertainty of such things is almost like a drug for me.

It's really no surprise that studying the paranormal is so captivating for me. So many people laugh such things off, calling them "silly" or "stupid." It's their brain's way of trying to shed that uncertainty that surrounds such subjects. To those individuals, it's like an oily film that covers their vision and makes them realize that the neat order they've created is nothing but a simulacra of reality. Such thoughts remind them that there is much that we don't know, because they would rather focus on the things that supposedly mankind has proven to be absolute truths.

Really, I like playing in the margins, because that's where I can use my imagination. I don't have to follow a strict regimen that tells me what is and isn't possible. It provides me with the kind of freedom that my soul craves. Interestingly enough, Albert Einstein seemed to favor such a space as well, despite his being celebrated by those who cling to the safety of the known. Nikola Tesla was another prime example of such a thinker.

If you're new to my blog, you'll quickly learn that I regularly explore the mysterious and dark, plus that I like to write about things that exist in that space.

On a different note, I've started up a brand new blog that's about my writing process, for anyone who's interested. You can view it by clicking here.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Scientists want absolutes, but there really aren't any in life. And life doesn't fit in a neat little box and it can't be defined. Not by us. So I understand how the mysterious would interest you.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

I am pretty sure I imprinted on the dark and mysterious at the age of 4, when I used to sneak out of bed during my afternoon nap time, creep down the hallway, and secretly watch Dark Shadows from around a corner. Dark Shadows was the reason my mother put me down for a nap at that time, of course. She thought it would scare me.

I thought I was getting away with something. My mom tells me now that she knew I was there and had just given up putting me back to bed. "If you wanted to watch it that bad," she said, "I figured I'd let you. When it got too scary, you ran back to bed."

I'll add your writing blog to my feedly!

Steven said...

Alex, I'm definitely not anti-science, but it has its limits by nature. The neat boxes are contrived.

Dianne, I've never seen Dark Shadows but am thinking of checking it out. My kids watch some of the less-scary X-Files episodes with me.

VR Barkowski said...

The dark fascinates me, too, Steven. To assume darkness and the unknown are bad or negative is a purely subjective viewpoint. Granted, we all create our own realities, but to ignore what makes us uncomfortable is self-limiting. Learning and imagination require both a willingness to explore life’s margins and an understanding that the line between mystery and what we know is constantly shifting. Dismissing the dark based on fear is dismissing half our existence. And fear inevitably breeds ignorance.

VR Barkowski

Steven said...

VR, I fear that too many people revel in self-limiting activities and avoiding anything that makes them afraid.